Hole 1
Hole 18 - Course Map - Hole 2
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Hole 1

The fairway, from B is a long narrow corridor between trees with a manditory right at the end and the park property line on the left opening out into a wide meadow. From A, the fairway is a wide open meadow.
Tee A (Short/209', par 3) is between the upper pavilion and the trees behind the playground.
Tee B (Long/388', par 3) behind the trees along the property line up the hill from the restrooms.
The Target is in the field west of the upper pavilion parking area.

Out of Bounds

From Tee B, everything over the property line along the right side is OB.
From Tee B, there is a mando in the last tree in the line on the left. If you miss the mandow, throw from 10' directy back from the mando away from the target.
The parking lot and paved path are OB.
Everything behind Tee A is OB.


The fairway wraps around the trees that surround a playground so be very aware of pedestrians when throwing.
The fairway for 2 is beyond and to the right of the pin so if you land in fairway 2, be aware of players throwing on 2.


View from the B Tee,The Target

From Previous Hole

Continue up the hill from the pin, past the pavilion. A is directly behind the pavilion, B is further back along the property line.

To Next Hole

Walk up hill and west from the pin to hole 2 Tees. Tee A is out in the field, Tee B is back along the property line.

From the parking lot

Walk up hill between the two pavilions away from the tennis courts. Tee A will be behind the upper pavilion, Tee B will be to the right along the property line.