Hole 13
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Hole 13

The fairway starts with a steep drop below the Tees which gradually levels out into a forrested area with many generously spaced trees.
Tee A (Short/259', par 3) is to the right along the ridge from B, directly down hill from 12.
Tee B (Long/269', par 3) is on the ridge below and to the left of 12.
The Target is in the trees to the left down the hill where it flattens out.

Out of Bounds

Black Rock Golf Course far to the right is OB.


The tees are perched on the edge of a very steep drop which gradually levels out at the bottom. Be careful in low traction conditions such as snow or mud.
Be aware that hole tee 14B is located directly behind the target and tee 17B is located behind and to the right of the target.


View from the B Tee, The Target

From Previous Hole

Go back along the fairway from the target on 12 and take the path down the hill. Tee B will be directly ahead, Tee A will be to the right.

To Next Hole

14B is located behind and slightly to the left of the target.
14A is located well to the left of the target