Hole 15
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Hole 15

The fairway is down a steep bank and then along a broad right curving lane through the woods.
Tee A (Short/480', par 3) is behind and to the right of 14
Tee B (Long/480', par 3) is behind 14 up the hill.
The Target is around the bend at the bottom of the hill in a small clearing.

Out of Bounds

There is no OB on this hole.


Be very careful descending the bank as it is quite steep. Be especially carful in low traction conditions like snow or mud.


Approach, The Target

From Previous Hole

walk to the right from 14 and then up the hill to B or along the ridge to A.

To Next Hole

Both Tees are to the right of the target with A being up the hill slightly and B being down the hill slightly.